Understand your clients, analyze their behaviour and reap the rewards with iQ7/24’s exclusive range of solutions.

Get real-time updates of key performance indicators with our convenient dashboards.



  • a suite of flexible, high-performance services that will help you build better, more profitable relationships with customers
  • a dedicated team that will help you plan, manage and benefit from your loyalty program every step of the way


  • create a tailor-made loyalty program
  • set up and fine-tune your customer relationship management program
  • put together automated communication systems
  • integrate your loyalty program into your existing POS system
  • unlock vital information about your customers in an easy format via our specialized custom dashboards
  • and more





  • Acquisition and data management
  • Data mining and segmentation
  • Reporting, dashboards and performance analysis
  • Marketing intelligence


  • A promotional program that is:
    • targeted
    • tactical
    • powerful
  • Special promotions
  • No long-term commitment


  • A complete 360º program that :
    • allows you to build relationships with customers
    • fosters loyalty
    • lets you engage with customers in a meaningful way
  • Rewards customers with points, dollar$, rewards, benefits, etc.
  • Includes supported marketing communications, including TactiQ




With a client list of over 300 car, ATV, automotive and farming equipment dealerships, iQ7/24 has the experience and expertise to help you develop a successful, turnkey loyalty program, complete with:

  • prepaid packages
  • loyalty programs
  • targeted communications
  • TactiQ-based campaigns
  • and more


iQ7/24 also offers you a profitable selection of loyalty modules, including :

  • vehicle sales : earn points when buying or referring a friend who buys a new or pre-owned vehicle
  • prepaid packages
  • promotional/gifts cards
  • TactiQ campaigns
  • bodywork campaigns
  • inactive clients
  • referral program
  • end of warranty
  • tires and related services
  • device for points and rewards

Retail, restaurants, hospitality, and more


Our more than 90 clients in retail, restaurants and more have taken advantage of our made-to-measure loyalty programs to stay in touch with customers and increase their bottom line. Benefit from :

  • personalized solutions based on your industry
  • offers management
  • loyalty program
  • targeted communications and CRM
  • and more


iQ7/24 will seamlessly integrate the Maitre’D system into your current operating system, enabling you to perform tasks in real time, including :


  • processing/issuing gift cards
  • processing bar codes
  • giving discounts in $ or % on a particular item or the total purchase, with or without conditions
  • following the ROI on every promotion being offered
  • tracking clients’ purchase behaviour






Seamlessly integrate our system to yours.

Right at your terminal, in real time.

We build software following industry standard Application Programming Interface practices.


For results you can use to improve your ROI.

All safely stored on iQ7/24’s system.

Everything in one place, worry-free.


Trust our platform to manage day-to-day tasks and more.

Benefit from the best possible solution to meet your specific needs.

We’re always just a call away.







One-of-a-kind and build around your business.

iQ7/24 will always keep an eye on your ROI.

From programming to offers, communications and more.


We’ll take care of the ongoing management of all your campaigns.

Always unique to your needs.

Offer ideas, design, copywriting, and more.


We know how to target the right clients at the right time with the right offer.

Find information at your fingertips with handy dashboards.

We’re here to help with anything you need.



Put together surveys to learn more about your customers and their buying habits.

Increase response rates with contests that attract customers.








We’ll provide you with detailed stats about your program as well as full campaign reports and more.

Team up with other businesses to provide unique offers and attract customers.

We’ll help you manage your projects and keep on top of results.


Offer customers gift cards they can use for future purchases.

Reward your clients for their behaviour.

Let customers see what they’re saving for.


Extra support for your employees and customers.

We offer sessions to help employees feel comfortable using the system.

Our procedures are designed to deliver your projects more efficiently.